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Waterfowl or Blazing Flare

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Waterfowl or Blazing Flare Empty Waterfowl or Blazing Flare

Post  CardfightGenesis on Fri Jan 06, 2012 7:44 am

This 2 cards are one of my favourites. But i only have enuf to build one. Which 1 should i play ?


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Waterfowl or Blazing Flare Empty Re: Waterfowl or Blazing Flare

Post  |oS-Mk on Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:44 pm

Both are strong in their own ways. BFD is strong in destoying ur opponent's perfect field. Example = Baromedes + Toypoogal

While waterfowl has high atk based and forces your opponent not to guard when they still have 2-3 damage. and by the time they ave 4 damage, they will have a hard time to guard if u use the skill, and if u get a critical, Then u know what i mean.

Weaknesses of BFD = if u fail to superior ride, still can fight but not so strong anymore, and ur VG atk would be around 17k-18k(without destroying anything)

Weaknesses of Waterfowl = easy to be beaten if u have no luck at all. For example, ur opponent has 4 damage, and u use its effect gain 10k. If ur opponent no guard, and u dont get any critical, u just wasted 1 card for nothing. Its good but it has that luck based system. And when u have no booster in that deck, you will die. While if u no booster in BFD, opponent will not have any booster too as u keep destroying, so its fair. But waterfowl, no booster while opponent have booster... then ive nothing to say. So ya...

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