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Kagero QnA (2)

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Kagero QnA (2) Empty Kagero QnA (2)

Post  CardfightGenesis on Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:11 pm

What do u think is stronger ? Overlord The End, Goku or Blazing Flare ?


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Kagero QnA (2) Empty Re: Kagero QnA (2)

Post  |oS-Mk on Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:38 am

if u are asking me, about the current metagame, i would say DOTE is the strongest. its bascially has 11k base atk which can not be easily attacked, while if u have DO in it, it would be a 13k. its eff is strog since u jsut basically attack, opponent no guard, and u have another DOTE, u can twin drive again. and u may get more chance to get more triggers like critical to kill ur opponent faster right on the turn when u used the effect. it might be played in a rush way, or slow way. of course rush way is good, but dont rush too much. Blazing fklare is good, but considering the fact that nowadays people can search for boosters, rearguard easily, it wont work so much anymore nowadays. and for waterfowl, its 10k. ad the cost is not hard, but it adds 10k only, without adding any criticals. opponent could just negate ur attack annd thats all, u waste 1 card... while hte base attack is only 10k which is easily attacked

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